We Welcome Our Sponsors

FSLC Sponsors are important and we need you! Please consider becoming a Sponsor today by going to our events page and clicking on the sponsor registration or by clicking here.

  • Sponsorship fees help pay for conference related costs, such as:
  • Conference “Welcome Reception”
  • Evening Networking Events
  • Conference Food and Beverages
  • Refreshments and Snacks during break periods

Sponsoring the FSLC is a great way to get your name in front of key decision makers, network and share your organization’s unique solution, and build important relationships.

Benefits for Sponsors

  • Sponsors have access to ALL Attendees at conferences
  • Allows Sponsor to speak informally and in a relaxed environment with member companies who use their services
  • Sponsor may also network with prospective customers in an informal setting
  • Sponsor Name and Logo on the FSLC website for the event(s) they are sponsoring
  • Sponsor product/service literature provided to attendees at sponsored conference
  • Sponsor allowed time at conferences for product/service introduction, as well as their name and logo on backdrop PPT slides
  • Sponsors encouraged to provide a web link back to FSLC Conference site from sponsor website – drives traffic to both FSLC and Sponsor’s site
  • Sponsors Receive Conference/Webinar Speaker Consideration – Case Study/Research Type Presentations only, not product/service promotion in nature
  • Non-attendees have ready access to Sponsor’s website link included in ALL event advertising
  • Sponsors may provide FSLC Conference information to their customers who may not have attended
  • Sponsors receive all the benefits of those who attend the Conference – includes speaker presentations.