About FSLC

The Fleet Safe Leadership Council

The Fleet Safety Leadership Council – FSLC – was initially formed in 2003 as the Direct Delivery Leadership Council – DDLC. It was established by a group of companies who are committed to the improvement of fleet and operational safety, and has met twice annually each year since.

These industry leaders believe that through cooperation, sharing, research, analysis and planning the members of the Fleet Safety Leadership Council can achieve better and safer working conditions for their drivers, improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and provide for the safety of their customers and the public they serve.

FSLC Mission Statement

The mission of the Fleet Safety Leadership Council is to identify, establish and promote “best practices” for improving and integrating safety leadership, productivity and profitability for delivery, route and service companies. Safety is an issue that impacts almost every aspect of a commercial driving related business—insurance costs, reputation, efficiency, waste, employee morale and turnover. The good news is that safety is a controllable factor that we can do something about!

The direct delivery, transport, route services and related industries are large, diverse and growing.
Companies involved include:

  • Businesses that provide pick-up and delivery services
  • Direct store delivery of consumable products
  • Waste and recycling operations
  • Subcontractors and fabricators with fleets
  • Local messenger and delivery businesses
  • Route companies, including cleaning, maintenance, hygiene, pest control and safety services, telephone, cable, utilities and other communications providers
  • Other fleet businesses engaged in route related services or local delivery/pick-up
  • Companies that provide services and products to FSLC companies



We learn and share together. We host educational conferences twice each year, where top OSH and Fleet Safety professionals discuss and share issues, trends, new technology, regulatory issues, injury prevention and crash avoidance strategies, and more. Working together we establish benchmarks, network among peers, share issues with solutions and effect positive change.

The FSLC will impact your safety program… and your bottom line.

FSLC survey results and nationwide statistics on growing safety, workers compensation, general liability, and fleet liability costs indicate the magnitude of the challenge we have in front of us.

The Fleet Safety Leadership Council, supported by the leading safety professionals and FSLC member organizations, is taking a multi-faceted approach to the challenge of local delivery and route safety.